Guide to Grad Life | Safety, Health, and Insurance

Safety and Rice Alert 

Need to contact someone in case of an emergency? Or want to be alerted in real time about what is happening on campus? The Rice Crisis Management Office has get you covered. Please check out this website for detailed information. This website teaches you how to sign up for Rice Alert in case you haven't done so. It also offers ways to deal with emergency not just on campus, but in the greater Houston area. 

Student Health Insurance

All registered, degree-seeking students are required to maintain health insurance coverage while enrolled at Rice University. To learn more about the options provided by Rice, go to Student Health Insurance website to find out more about enrollment plans. If you sign up with Rice, you'll receive coverage from Aetna Student Health and log in here.

Other popular insurance options include: (The GSA does not vet, sponsor, or endorse any of the following items or associated entities apart from explicit GSA items, therefore we encourage interested students to do research on any items.)

Looking for medical treatment