Resources | BRC Rainy Day Parking Pass

WHAT: The BRC Rainy Day Parking Pass is an occasional-use parking pass developed by graduate students, for graduate students. The pass is designed for students who only have an occasional need (~1x/week or less on average) to park a vehicle in the BRC Garage.



  • Available to BRC grad students only
  • BRC Grads must have at least a Grad Night Owl permit to purchase Rainy Day Passes (student must be registered in the Rice Parking system)
  • May purchase up to 48 parking validations per year at $2.50 each, minimum 4 per order
  • Good for BRC Garage ONLY, and expire approximately 1 year from purchase
  • Each validation will have the name of the Grad student on them; that student is responsible for their own validations
  • No entering and exiting privileges; each pass is good for only one exit within 24 hours of entry to the garage. After 24 hours, additional passes would be required.


  1. Go to (net ID and password required)
  2. Ignore minimum requirement of 20 -- the order minimum is 4 for this pass
  3. Under Contact, put your name
  4. In "other notes," enter "BRC GRAD RAINY DAY."  
  5. After submitting the form, the validations can be picked up and paid for with check or cash, from either the BRC or Central Garage Parking Offices during normal business hours (m-f, 7a-5p; excluding holidays)   

HOW TO USE: The passes function like normal daily parking validations. When entering garage, push the button for the daily ticket. When exiting, insert the daily ticket first, followed by your Rainy Day Pass as payment.


QUESTIONS: Please direct any questions to or call x2020.