The Graduate Student Association (GSA) comprises degree seeking graduate students at Rice University. The GSA mission is to enrich the graduate student experience and to represent, support, and promote graduate student interests and values. An integral and essential part of the Rice community, the GSA provides programs and services aiding in recruitment and retention of graduate students, represents graduate student interests to the University administration, and builds a strong sense of community both on and off campus.

The 2017-2018 GSA Executive board has made Wellbeing, Inclusion, and Advocacy the goal for improving graduate student life.

  • Wellbeing – we are striving to create better programming and services to meet the wellbeing needs of graduate students and the unique challenges we face as we pursue our degrees. We hope to see the implementation of improved wellbeing and family services, as well as professional development programming to reduce stresses when looking beyond our graduate degrees.
  • Inclusion – we strive to include all student populations. We are working this year to ensure integration and inclusion of every graduate student through adapted programming, increased advertising, increased support for cultural (both domestic and international) clubs, and advocacy for faculty support of student involvement.
  • Advocacy – while we love graduate student life at Rice, there is always room for improvement. This year, we hope to see the implementation of increased and updated graduate student spaces and services across campus, including increased access to dinner time food options. Further, we hope to increase recognition for the successes of the GSA as a whole, as well as of individual members of the GSA, to the Rice community at large.

Graduate school is difficult in its own right, however, the way we live does not have to be.

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