GSA Awards

The GSA annually confers five awards in recognition of exemplary service to graduate students at Rice University:

  • Faculty Teaching and Mentoring Award – individuals who demonstrated commitment to graduate education on teaching graduate students at Rice.
  • Faculty/Staff Service Award – individuals who exemplify efforts beyond the call of duty to improve the quality of life for graduate students at Rice.
  • Robert Lowry Patten Award –  intended to honor graduate students who might NOT have been honored for their service and achievements on behalf of graduate students.
  • GSA Service Award – individuals who exemplify contribution of time, effort, and devoted service to the cause of improving graduate student life and education at Rice.
  • “Friends of Rice Graduate Students” Award –  individuals who have significantly enhanced the lives of graduate students at Rice University in some way.

The GSA awards are meant to encourage and recognize outstanding service to graduate student life and education at Rice. The award criteria were intentionally kept vague in order to permit recognition of the broadest possible range of service to the Rice graduate community.

The deadline for submissions is around April 1 of each year. The awards committee is chaired by the Parliamentarian (who takes office on April 1) and includes four other graduate students chosen at a GSA meeting, as well as the GSA faculty advisor and a member of the Rice Office of Student Activities as ex officio members.

Nominations should be submitted using the online webform or via email to the current Parliamentarian.

Outside GSA Awards for Graduate Students

The Rice University Service Award

Given in memory of Dean of Students Hugh Scott Cameron, it is awarded to as many as four individuals of the Rice student population, past and present, who have been most exemplary in rendering service to the student body. Contact the Office of Student Activities for information on nominations.

Sallyport Award

It is presented by the Association of Rice Alumni to recognize a deserving graduate degree candidate who has made contributions to the Rice community above his or her individual department and who may not otherwise be recognized. The winner will receive a silver bowl (with his/her name and year engraved on it) and a stole to wear at graduation. The winner’s name will also appear on a plaque in the Rice Memorial Center. The Student-Alumni Liaison Committee decides the recipient of this award. Therefore, please send a faculty letter of recommendation and a resume electronically to or hard copies to MS-520 to nominate a graduate student for this award. Students can also be nominated using an online form at

Graduate students also qualify for the Commencement Award and RWRC Impact Awards. More information on these awards may also be found at