Health Insurance

The Rice Student Health Insurance Plan is open to all Rice students, graduate and undergraduate, and their dependents, but the vast majority of subscribers are graduate students. Full-time doctoral students receive a subsidy for personal coverage, as well as smaller subsidies for coverage for spouses, domestic partners, and children. New and Returning students can find the application for the Rice Student Health Insurance Plan at the same website.

Visit Rice’s official website for the Rice Student Health Insurance Plan for a more in-depth discussion of the plan.

We have also created a forum dedicated to discussing healthcare.


Besides the mandatory health service fee, Rice also requires that all students carry some form of health insurance. proof of coverage must be presented along with the fee payment for all semester, either by paying for the group policy available through the university or by submitting a waiver form indicating that you have obtained insurance elsewhere. Keep in mind, this waiver form is only available during the open enrollment period (2016/2017: July 5th – September 2nd).

Each year, the University Student Health Insurance Committee, including GSA representatives, designs a health insurance plan specifically for Rice students. The purpose of this plan is to provide students with an option that provides basic coverage while maintaining a plan affordable in terms of a student budget. For the last few years, the committee has chosen a plan offered by Aetna Student Health.


Aetna Student Health specializes in health insurance plans for students. You can find their website dedicated to Rice’s student plan here. You should also register for Aetna Navigator, which allows you to access your personal claims information.

The Aetna general website provides more  information on Aetna as a whole, including its special services and discount programs, and general tips on health and healthcare. Aetna has a fairly large network of ‘Preferred Providers’ – hospitals, doctors, clinics, etc, that have negotiated contracts with Aetna. You may choose to obtain services from other, ‘Non-preferred’ providers, but Aetna will pay less of the costs.

Description of Coverage

The health insurance coverage provided depends on the final negotiated plan each year. To get more information on the coverage, go to the Student Health Insurance website.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure that the specialists recommended to you are part of the Aetna network before receiving care. Notify Aetna before receiving non-emergency care and make certain that your procedures will be covered. If you are injured while performing work or travel for Rice, you may be covered by workers compensation or one of Rice’s insurance policies, including travel insurance.

I Need Help!

If you have any questions regarding the insurance coverage, please contact the Student Insurance Office.

Furthermore, Rice Student Health is also a great resource and provides health services to students.

Also, more info about Rice Travel Policies / Travel Insurance can be found here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the GPS FAQ page for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about health insurance.