Vice President of Student Advocacy

Tawana Robinson

I was born and raised in Cajun Country. I love seafood and the New Orleans Saints (Geaux Saints!). I decided to venture to the Northeast to study chemistry at the University of Rochester. I came to Rice University to continue my research in chemistry with a biological emphasis. My research focus in the Suh laboratory is to engineer Adeno-Associated Virus for immune evasion and effective gene delivery.

Outside of the viral world, I am highly involved in community and church committees. I dance my heart out on the praise dance team, lead social committee activities for the church young adults, and coordinate small group leadership. In the community, I have served in the Houston area by participating in tutoring programs, neighborhood clean-ups, and laundering at homeless shelters. I love to serve and inspire people to serve! I look forward to expressing the concerns of students as VP of Student Advocacy this year.

Email: gsaadvocacy[@]

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