International Student Outreach Director

Sushma Sri Pamulapati

I am from Hyderabad, also known as “city of pearls”, in India, famous for it’s delicious hyderabadi biryani. If you haven’t had it yet, I highly recommend giving it a shot! I received my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. At Rice, I am a PhD candidate in Chemical & Biomolecular Engg dept, working in Dr. Matteo Pasquali’s Research Laboratory. My research focuses on the applications of CNT fibers for neural recording and stimulation. In my free time, I like to read books, watch korean drama and movies, and listen to music. I also love drawing/painting/sketching and doing other artsy works. Last year, I served as Media Director and enjoyed the experience. As this year’s International Student Outreach Director, I am very excited to serve the graduate student body at Rice. My main goal would be to make our experience at Rice as international students more memorable and enjoyable. Please contact me if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions or concerns!

Email: sp34[@]