Community Service Director

Matt Bedell

Born and raised in Houston, I obtained my B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. I then worked for two years in Michigan as an engineer for Ford, where I eventually found myself experimenting with sustainable polymers and cutting-edge 3D-printers. Wanting to apply these technologies to bioengineering challenges, I came to Rice (and escaped the frigid Midwest), where I’m now part of the Mikos Lab, immersed in pursuit of a universal, 3D-printable ‘bio-ink’ for making implantable tissue engineering devices.

Outside of lab, I love de-stressing at the Rice gym and playing intramural sports. I am also involved in teaching and volunteering at the Health Museum. I’m looking forward to making community service fun and engaging for our grad community, with a variety of monthly events throughout the year.

Email: mlb15[@]